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Almost every household runs on a heating, ventilating and AC system also commonly referred to as HVAC.   An HVAC system operates by moving air from one point to another.  This entire process can be affected due to blockage caused by dirt.

The efficiency of a HVAC system is largely dependent on how clean the components are.  HVAC components usually include terminals, heat exchange systems, ducts and fan motors.  It is important that all these parts are kept clean for them to function as they should.

The good news is that you can trust us to manually clean the heating, ventilation and cooling systems within your home or premise. HVAC systems are made up of air ducts and air coming in and out of a building pass through these important component.

This fact in itself makes cleaning them a weighty and important issue and this procedure is therefore what is known as the wholesome process of clearing out dirt from the heating, ventilation and cooling systems.

We are the most trusted service in Kitchener, Ontario.  Our thorough process begins by finding out where the dirt is.  Once we get to the root of the dirt, we pull off the vent and duct covers and use an appropriate method to clean them out.

The choice of method depends on how much dirt has accumulated on the vents.  We use safe cleaning agents to clean and spray generous amounts of water through the pipe to make sure that all the dirt is washed off.

Duct Cleaning Reduces Health Ailments and Heating Costs

Many homeowners tend to overlook the need to clean out their furnace ducts.  This causes mold to grow inside the ducts.  When this happens, the right way to clean them out is to first disinfect the ducts.  This is usually a task that should be left to the professionals.

We have the know-how and skills on how to maneuver through the vents and reach the areas affected by the mold.

You also need a professional provider when the process involves the removal and/or replacement of filters that may have undergone wear and tear because of being in use for so long.

If you have suddenly noticed that your home is always stuffy and that there is little or no movement of air through the vents perhaps it’s time you entrusted the cleaning job to the one and only trusted air duct cleaning service in Kitchener, Waterloo Ontario area.

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